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The following packages are designed to accommodate the needs of each individual and their desired level of protection

Full Paint Protection

95% - 100% Coverage 

Full Coverage: Covers the entire painted vehicle body, maximizing protection everywhere

Commuter Package

45% - 60% Coverage 

Commuter Package: Designed for protecting the most essential areas of the vehicle while on the road.

Full Nose PPF

25% - 35% Coverage 

Full Nose: Coverage protects the most susceptable area of the vehicle, prone to debris and oncoming abrasions.


Climate Controlled | Dust Free | Detailed Installations

At GuardXPro, Our standards are high so that our installations can speak for themselves. Our state of the art installation booth is free from dust to ensure the paint protection film does not fail.

Installations are properly done under climate controlled conditions, allowing the paint protection film to be applied under the correct circumstances for longevity and continued protection. Our indoor facility houses various vehicles at once, providing maximum security for vehicles staying overnight and through extended installation periods.

We are equipped with professional tools that conform to the installation while being non-abrasive to the vehicle or material. Each vehicle is cared for and provided with a professional, guaranteed service.


Drop Off Concierge Service available on qualifying services.

Drop off your vehicle and we'll escort you back, on us!

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Check out the Wrap Guide and Packages section for more info on coverage areas!

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