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Our Story

After a 7th grade school science experiment determined that our toilet seat was 15x cleaner than our daughter's cell phone, my family  became obsessed with cleaning our phones.

We looked long and hard at many options for the best products out there but found only temporary solutions to solve this issue. Sure we could wipe the phones and tablets down with a cleaner, but those germs begin to just accumulate rapidly once again.

Then a light bulb went off andit came to us that there is indeed a long term solution in a material which we use regularly in our industry. This amazing material can be converted into an antibacterial surface protector and be applied to all electronic handheld devices, to help prevent people from getting sick! So we did it and it worked so well we wanted to share it with the world.

Introducing GuardXPro, the world's strongest and ONLY 5 year antibacterial film for ANY and ALL  touch surfaces on the market. This film can be simply applied to your phone or any flat surface for the protection against the spread of disease and the proliferation of bacteria. 

We started putting it on EVERYTHING! Not only were our phones now safe, but our push doors, desks, handles, toilets, counter tops… we even put it on the kids hairbrush handles! GuardXPro is a miracle product and we are so pleased to offer it to all!