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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have questions about GuardXPro, here are some of the questions we get asked the most. Should you still have any questions please feel free to get in touch via the form below.

How does GuardXPro work?

Short answer : Silver ions in all Guard X Pro screen protectors stop bacteria multiplying, Stop them from getting nutrients inside their body and stop them from being able to produce energy.

Geeky answer : GuardXPro prevents the biofilm from reforming (with silver ions that destroy the so-called solitary, free-floating planktonic bacteria, for instance) During cleaning operations, as well as in the presence of humidity, silver ions are released from the top layer of the film. 

These ions come into contact with the bacteria, blocking their metabolism and/or interrupting  their proliferation mechanism, leading to their destruction.

How long does GuardXPro Last?

GuardXPro is active for up to 5 years.

How effective is GuardXPro?

GuardXPro Inhibits the development of 99.99% of germs & is tested in conformity with the ISO 22196 standard. 

You can find out more about this standard here

Can I apply GuardXPro myself?

Absolutely! GuardXPro is easy to use and to apply. It fits perfectly and comes with installation guide to ensure effectiveness and full protection.

You can download an installation guide Here

Is GuardXPro safe?

Yes GuardXPro's revolutionary Silver Ion technology is completely safe, REACH & ISO certified and has no nano particles.

Is GuardXPro resistant to damage?

Yes, GuardXPro is scratch/impact resistant and shatterproof, self healing & lasts up to 5 years.

How many protectors do I get when I purchase?

For a limited time only Guard X Pro comes with one screen protector, one back protector AND a free screen protector for a friend! 

Still have questions?

If you still have any questions regarding Guard X Pro please feel free to get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you.

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